PCAD to consider new ambulance purchase

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Pettis County Ambulance District Board of Directors is now considering purchasing a new ambulance and putting two older ambulances into a spare rotation.

PCAD Administrator Mike Gardner spoke to the board about the need for a new ambulance. This is a planned purchase, he said, and he wanted to get the board’s opinion on switching to a new company to build the vehicle. PCAD has bought all seven of its current ambulances from Osage Ambulances, out of Linn, Mo.,

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PCAD, SPD agree on new dispatcher hire

The Pettis County Ambulance District Board of Directors approved a measure that would pay for an additional telecommunications dispatcher at the Sedalia Police Department. The board approved the expense during its regular meeting Tuesday after a request was made from the SPD last month.

SPD Chief John Degonia spoke during the PCAD meeting about the need for two more dispatchers – one paid for by the city and the other paid for by PCAD.

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PCAD discusses 2017 budget

The Pettis County Ambulance District Board of Directors discussed its proposed 2017 budget during its regular meeting Tuesday. PCAD Administrator Mike Gardner told the board 2016 was a good year for the district, noting the opening of Station 2 in east Pettis County and the district taking over Windsor Ambulance District services. PCAD has already made more than 6,000 calls for service this year and another 800 in Windsor.

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